Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 2012, A Early War Winchester M1 Carbine

Another great find, a Winchester M1 Carbine dressed in "early war" motif.

Right side view overall, you can see there is no bayonet lug.

One of the bad spots, someone has ground the ears off of the front sight.

I believe the wood is what is known as "high" wood.

The rear sight is an early L type rear sight. Safety is the push button type

The stock sling cut is of the early "I" type. However, this is the second bad spot as someone has filled the sling cut in. How they did it is to be determined later.

Left side, front sight with wings removed.

Early type bracket missing the sling loop.

Lefts side view of breech area,, trigger guard and sight.

Another view of the filled sling cut.

A full view of the left side.
So far, I have had this totally apart, cleaned it thoroughly with 0000 steel wool and Hoppes #9. Every part that I could identify is a Winchester part. So in the near future I will be looking for a Winchester front sight and trying to determine the best way to clean out the stock sling cut as this is an early stock. However, the stock has been scrubbed of external markings.

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