Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The End Of An Era

Today, at about 1715 hrs, Crash Faengus Ashley was transferred to another celestial location to meet and serve with his old friend, Tutu Kane. They were old pals from way back.

Crash was a UF dropout from Gainesville, FL. When found he was taken in by one of our daughters who had no idea what she was going to do with a crippled cat. The problem was solved by giving the cat to her Dad.

Crash had some neurological problems with his hind quarters but that never slowed him down. He decided at a very young age that if he terrified every dog he met, they would then leave him alone. Crash, was in fact observed many times staking out choke points where he could ambush any unsuspecting dog who should happen to pass by.

 He never bothered any dog who lived in the house and in fact, was quite friendly with all our dogs. However, he ambushed any of our kids dogs who happened to visit. Impaired in the rear quarters he may have been but the front half was a fully armed and ready to go male tomcat.

 Last night it became obvious that he could no longer walk and the end was near. We observed him today and his hind quarters no longer functioned. Crash passed on today at home with the assistance of our veterinarian who ensured that he was not all stressed out. Crash never could abide a trip to the vet, and in fact schooled a few of them also.

Crash was with us over 14 years.

He waited every night at the front door to greet either of us when we returned home. He will be sorely missed!

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