Friday, November 18, 2005

Isaac's First Hayride

A kiss from the boy to his Mom, just to show that he is having a really fun time.

Here is Isaac with his "Nana". They are looking for any adventures that may be heading their way while touring the farm.

A kiss for the "Nana" from Isaac

One of the handsome men from this family. He comes from a long long line of very handsome men, but I digress and must move on.

Here he is checking out the straw in the hay wagon. he has yet to learn the difference between hay and straw.

Cows seen during the ride around the farm.

The beautiful "Nana" and her grandson Isaac enjoying the hayride

There they are again, I love this woman. She makes one of the best Nanas I have ever known.

Every farm has fall decorations visible for you to take pictures of. Here is Isaac satisfying the wishes of his elders to let them get a picture or two.

OK, so he didn't really pose. I shot about 25 pictures and these two were the only good ones. That, however, is the beauty of the digital camera. If you shoot as fast as possible while you have the kid on the background the law of averages will sometimes give you a decent picture after judicious cropping. Maybe.

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