Friday, November 18, 2005

Nana's Ginger Bread Houses for Kids

Nana has the porch table all set up to make ginger bread houses. However, since our main particpants are three years of age or less we will be using graham crackers instead of ginger bread.

Here is the youngest participant in Nanas little project. Here he is with his Mom, they are getting ready to start building.

Here is Jack with his Mom and Dad. He is the older participant in the group. He is a real busy body and very intelligent. He caught onto the project really quick, those kndergartner teachers better get ready for this fellow.

Everything he is using is tasty to both adults and children. Much of the time, one hand was decorating and the other hand was filling someone's mouth.

Isaac really liked his sprinkles, chocolate chips and generally everything else used to put these things together.

This ginger bread house looks like the real thing to me. Plus everything was fresh and edible. Another successful projest from the fantastic Nana and a great time was had by all.

Isaac in the middle of building a ginger bread house. You can see that he is very intent on the task at hand.

Here is Nana with Mom and son, everyone had a great time.

This is the Nana with her grandson Jack and his Mom. It appears that they had a great time. I don't think it was just eating the candy, I think they enjoyed actually putting the things together.

Here is one of the finished results. I don't know who made it. As I write this, evryone has gone home and we have four of them on the dining room table. But everyone including that fantastic Nana had a great time.


Jacob said...

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Nana said...

Such a nice blog sweetie! Love ya, Maudie