Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Safety Alert with photo of driver

This safety alert is repeated here from the blog of Princess Toadstool:

"Fellow drivers, pedestrians, dog walkers, joggers, gardeners and anyone that values life here on planet Earth, please be on the look-out for a 900 series, gray 1991 Volvo Deluxe Station Wagon. It can usually be seen taking out hedges, jumping cement parking blocks and creating orphan Garden Gnomes. There has been no description released of the driver as of late since all you can see of the individual before she plows through your shrubbery is the profile of a mushroom and a rather pronounced schnoz. There is no point in honking or waving a specific finger at this individual, as she can not hear you... as she is thoroughly engrossed in conversation on her cell."

Over the weekend, I was able to get a snapshot of the elusive Volvo pilot mentioned above while she was in her native habitat. Whether her driving habits will be improved due to the increased visibility caused by her new hairdo is unknown at this time.

1 comment:

Jac said...

I am am curretnly laughing my ass off on this one! Perhaps this is why her hair had to be redone, so that she could see any upcoming hedges! You are great at this blog thing Cheez, Love Jac and Ize