Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Cat, Crash

Here are three pictures of my cat, Crash. He is a fair sized black cat found adrift in Gainesville, FL by my daughter a few years ago when she was a student.

When found, he was quite young and also very hungry. His first meal consisted of two hot dogs consumed in record time. It was also noted when found that he had a neurological problem with his rear. If someone steps on his tail, he does not react properly. With his problem, he is somewhat unaware of his hindquarters. He will use a cat box, but his butt may be hanging outside when he does.

His major problem is taking care of his fur. His front half is scrupiously groomed. However, he does little to the back half. He has major under fur of fine hair which most cats would remove by grooming. Since he does not, the underhair is not removed and builds up as a very thick pelt. His pelt can be removed by pulling it out, but if you upset his good nature, bear in mind his front half is a formidable full grown tomcat.

So last week while we were out of town, Crash got a haircut. Here are some pictures taken of him right after we turned him loose in the backyard.

He was a bit shy. In fact, I had to wait for him to out from behind the Bouginvillia bush he likes to reside in when he is outside.

This is a good shot of his new lion tail. He also looks like he is wearing boots.

Check out the boots, he looks like a fisherman in waders.

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Jac said...

How awful, I am a wee bit embarassed for the poor fella, although he is much slimmer than I imaged! Jacqui