Thursday, November 09, 2006

Halloween 06

Buzz Lightyear and his faithful pal Woody set out looking for tricks or treats

Swooping through the neighborhood in search of candy, Buzz appears to have lost his ability to communicate with friends or strangers.

Buzz always sticks close to his friend Woody, strange things seem to lurk in the dark.

As you can see, Buzz is a natural born leader. His battle cry seems to be "This Way!"

He moves right along, Buzz has a purpose.

Buzz and Woody with Mom

Mom is trying to help Buzz pose in his flying position

And last but not least is Buzz with his "Nana" whom you will note along with the "Mom" is not in any costume.

Just a historical note both, Buzz and Woody were led to believe that the womenfolk pictured herein would be dressed as pirates. However, their plan was more nefarious than that. They tricked us and walked around in jogging suits, although they never did even attempt to jog.

Tis a sad day when adults trick heros like Buzz and Woody!

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