Monday, November 20, 2006

Taken (without shame) from another daughter's blog

9 Very Weird Things About Me (My Daughter):

1. I am right-handed, except when firing a weapon, at which point I suddenly become left-eye dominant and my right side is useless. I once fired 35/40 shots correctly with my left hand, almost an eagle-eye!

2. As a kid, I once stepped on a bee just to see what would happen. As you might imagine, I was stung on the bottom of my bare foot. Ah, science in action!

3. I am miserable at step aerobics, but I can march and play an instrument.

4. I can make my tongue look as if it has three rolls in it.

5. If I see tripe in the meat department at the grocery store, I feel a little icky for the rest of the day.

6. I have eaten frog legs. And snails.

7. I like to read the very last page of a book first, just to see if the ending is compelling. This does not ruin the book for me.

8. I like to eat my m&m's in groups of even numbers, so that I can chew the same number on each side of my mouth (two and two, usually).

9. I would rather watch commercials than flip through channels when my show is on a break. I hate to miss things!

That is all. Please feel free to appropriate for your own blog. :)

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