Thursday, February 07, 2008

The C&R Adventure Continues

Today after much thought and consideration I used my C&R License for my first purchase, a US Springfield 1898 Krag Sporter. As I write this my USPS money order and signed C&R are headed North via snail mail.

The purchase was really more difficult than I thought it would be.

First, there are a lot of items out there that I want that exceed what I want or am willing to pay. As my brother Rick pointed out today while we discussed options: "So many guns, so little money."

Secondly, I really don't know what I want. I can sail along for quite some time and then, ZAP right out of the blue, I want that one right there. Sometimes what I want is an extension of one of my collectible categories, sometimes it is not.

Thirdly, I noticed there appears to be a noticeable number of firearm dealers (FFL) who do not want to accept a C&R License for transfer of the firearm. I believe in some cases, the problem may be due to more restrictive state laws. (You know those legislators believe a lot of evildoers arm themselves with 50 year old firearms they buy from collectors.) Additionally, I also believe some dealers failure to accept a C&R License is to ensure their livelihood since government inspectors are not neccessarily there to assist the FFL dealer if perhaps the law is actually misinterpreted.

During the time I was trying to decide what to buy, I contacted Brownells, Inc. and ordered a Firearms Record Book (S/N 108-006-000) to maintain my required C&R logs in; as well as a Brownells Personal Firearms Log Pkg (084-225-000) to maintain information regarding each specific firearm. They, as always, responded promptly with excellent service.

I also forwarded a number of signed C&R License copies to various companies that require a signed FFL/C&R to be physically on file with them before accepting any order.

Now the wait begins again. This time it is for the Brown Truck of Happiness to arrive. I know the BToH is busy right now because he/she has to drop another package of at my brother Mike's house before they can come to my house. Don't slow them down Mike, I am already getting excited.

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