Monday, February 11, 2008

Sitting By The Curb, Waiting...... Impatiently

This morning the temperature was almost 32 degrees. Luckily around here we are normally on the high side of 32 degrees. (I had to crop this picture so y'all would feel sorry for me. You can see my lawn on the right side of the driveway.)

Normally I wouldn't care but I have to be outside in case the BToH arrives. That's the Brown Truck of Happiness for the unknowing folks out there.

I sent in my money immediately with my order along with a copy of my C&R License.

I don't know why it is taking so long. Snail mail is a bummer. So are weekends when you are waiting for your new toy to appear. Saturday the BToH dropped my brothers new toy off in North Carolina; sooooo maybe I am next.

1 comment:

Just Jac said...

Do you think that waiting for the brown truck of happiness is almost like waiting for your due date?