Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A looked For Delivery Never Comes, But Turn Your Back For One Second

While I have been waiting for my new toy to arrive, the Btoh has stopped at my house three times. Today, while I was inside helping my blushing bride of double digit years, we heard a thump. As she just had L4-5 back surgery three weeks ago and is still coming back up to her normal operating speed she is in need of occasional assistance.

I quickly headed to the porch and arrived to see the BToH driver jump in his truck and drive away. I could see through the sidelights of the front door a brown box sitting in the chair out front.

Yep, a fifty pound box, one I recognized immediately because I recieved one just like it only two days ago. I ordered a McCulloch 1800 psi pressure washer from Target and lo and behold here is a second one.

SweetHeartFace called up Target and Surprise, both distribution centers had sent me one. Almost thought I had someones Christmas present for an instant.

If the BToH driver had not been running so fast he could have taken that back with him. Now Target is going to send the BToH back to retrieve the second delivery.

The good news is that my e-mail confirms that all paperwork and payment have been recieved and my new toy is actually enroute.

Gotta keep an eye on the curb.

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Just Jac said...

I hope the neighbors don't get suspcious as to why mom has her old man sunning by the curb!