Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's Here

This is my grandson helping me check out the newest addition to the family. He is also the one who saw me looking on the internet and then announced to everyone at the other end of the house that I was buying another one.

I quess that would make him like his uncle, my youngest son who asked me one day: "Which Glock is that your cleaning Dad, The 9mm or one of your 40s?"

I told my youngest then, "Son you never ask those questions in front of your mother. All Glocks look alike and she doesn't need to be bothered with how many we own."

However, as you can see, Friday the long awaited new toy arrived. It has been wiped down and the bore run through with Hoppes #9 and many patches. The bore was fully crudded but overall the rifle looks like a nice little piece. If nothing else, it should be fun to shoot and could be used as a hunting rifle. At this point, I have a little more checking of the bore to do to see if I have more crud, some erosion, or rust up by the chamber. I guess I'll have to find some kind of reasonable bore scope to check it out with.

Anyhow, I have to work on the bore some more and some of the screws need replacement since they have been torn up by using the wrong screwdrivers. The sling swivels are probably from Uncle Mikes. All in all though, not bad for a rifle over 100 years old. It's age alone made it a good deal. It should be a good shooter and hunting rifle.

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Just Jac said...

Just as long as those toys stay at the Cheez's house, Ise does not in fact need one of those for his birthday, no matter how much he says he does!