Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Last Soccer Game Of The Season

The last game started at 0900 and the temperature was at 80F. The playing time was reduced and plenty of water breaks were provided.

The other team did not have all of their players so some of Ise's team were red-shirted and played on the other side. And yes, at least one of them scored points for the other team.

It got warmer by the minute. It was even hot sitting in the shade on the bench. But you can see these kids were really trying.

This is a shot of Ise kicking the ball back into play from the end of the field. He gave it a real good kick.

Ise's Dad, Mom and his new baby sister attended the game. They remained in the shade to keep the sun off of the baby.

Here is a picture of Ise having just exited the Victory Tunnel. I didn't try to keep up with the score, but I guess it was a victory for someone. For my money, any kid still playing was a winner regardless of team affiliation.

This a closeup of Ise about a half hour after the game sitting in the shade over at the park waiting for his pizza and trophy. You can tell he was wiped.

A shot of Ise sitting with his Mom and Nana just relaxing.

This another shot of our tired hero with his Mom and Nana.

Here is the big brother checking on his little sister. He likes to give her a smooch at odd times.

This is Ise and one of his teammates eating pizza and relaxing prior to the passing out of the trophies.

This is Coach B handing out the trophies and certificates to the players of Team Panther.

Our proud soccer player shows off his trophy and certificate for all to see.

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