Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uncle Mikes Sunday C'Mon Over

Uncle Mike threw a C'Mon Over Party last Sunday. If your picture is not posted you probably stayed inside. I shot pictures outside only and not a lot of them since the temperature was over 100. If I missed you this time, I may get you next time.

Uncle Mike wields a mean spatula. Here he is cooking a great selection of Brats, Burgers, and Dogs for the crowd.

Here are his finished Brats and Dogs. Ready for consumption by the masses.

This is also a group of perfectly delicious Burgers ready for the masses.

This a a partial shot of the food in the kitchen before the masses have swarmed. There was Ambrosia, two different types of Macaroni Salad, Baked Beans and much other stuff I can't remember.

A shot of Aunt Pam and Uncle Don enjoying each others company. Their respective mates are also elsewhere at the festivities.

Here is Nana keeping a watchful on on the Slip n Slide. All of the boys there loved the water. By this time the temperature was somewhere around 100 degrees.

This is cousin Drew doing his full power slide down the chute while his younger brother and cousin act like bowling pins awaiting a strike.

here is Ise taking the Slip n Slide at full power. He hits it just like his cousin Jack full power and head first.

Here we have cousins Cole (L) and Pierce (R). They both had a good time on the Slip n Slide. They just took it a might easier than Drew or Ise.

Here we have Mom Shannon with her baby Kinsey. Kinsey threw out a smile as soon as I pointed the camera in her direction.

This is Tom and his baby daughter Katrina. She was the youngest baby at the party.

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Shawn said...

Great pictures! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed seeing everyone, or almost everyone, again.