Friday, March 13, 2009

An Interesting Stop On The Beach

We were traveling across Florida on US 98 from Panama City towards home. Pit stops in this part of the country are few and far between, when what to our surprise should appear but this little beach. We pulled in and found to our surprise, a historical sign proclaiming this beach was a WWII D-Day Training Site; plus they had a relatively clean restroom

Now my Florida grown blushing bride never misses a chance to trod a Florida beach. Here she is with a mild breeze blowing through her hair. Don't ask, I'm keeping her.

Some of the beach off to the East from the centrally located bathroom/changing area.

I am guessing that what you see out there is part of Dog Island which according to the sign was also involved in the WWII D-Day training. Looking at a picture on Google maps, Dog Island would appear to be a large sandbar with trees and some parts of it underwater. It looks like there are buildings on it for the comfortably wealthy.

A view to the West from the centrally located bathroom/changing area.

Here is the Blushing Bride strolling along the waters edge. There is always time for a quick check of sea shells and other flotsam. I liked this beach better than the Panama City Beach beach we visited earlier. They drag a beach rake over the beach to remove trash. It made the sand loose and hard to walk on. I also like to play with my metal detector and it seemed somewhat useless to be scouring a beach raked about 8-10 inches down.

A shot East on the beach.

A shot West on the beach.

This little RV park was right across the street from the beach. I did not check it out but shot the picture so I could learn more about their cabins at a later date. It seemed like a nice park though.

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