Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Is Officially Here

Spring is now officially here. The Blushing Bride has broke out The Yellow Wagon. The gardener is at it again. See that gallon milk jug she's holding? What an evil brew that contains, today it's most likely fish emulsion but sometimes its home-made Cow-poo tea. Smelly stuff it is.

A cursory check of The Yellow Wagon would reveal almost every gardening implement known to man, including an umbrella to ward off the sun.

Here is the gardener at work. She loves just throwing that Florida dirt around.

This is really a shot of Crash, our cat in the large wicker chair on the porch. All day he has been prowling in the garden area with the gardener. But now it's starting to get warm so he needs his nap.

Here is a close-up. He is just out of the sun, but it really starting to get hot so I don't think he will be there long. Check out the pumpkin, it has been sitting on the front porch since about a week before Halloween. We also had a smaller one on the back porch which we got rid of a few weeks ago. Don't believe I ever had one last so long, not even when I lived up North.

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