Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kindergarten Play

On 15 May, my grandson 's kindergarten put on their end of the year school play. As I understand it, four kindergarten classes participated. It was well attended by parents and families. Good job.

The stage was the assembly area, which is also the school cafeteria. They had to stay on schedule because as soon as the play ended they had to set the area back into the eating area.

My youngest grandson was there to show his support for his older brother. Whatever the older brothers are doing, he is up for. You can tell by his look, he seriously pays attention.

The young lad in the middle, with the flower on his head is the star of the show from this families viewpoint.

The play was somewhat of a musical. The kids sang songs and pantomimed various motions. The play (scene) was a garden and the kids represented flowers, vegetables and perhaps some other plants. I was taking pictures, and not necessarily paying attention.

The fan club follows every line, alert and ready to applaud on cue.

Mom and younger brother number 1.

Dad and younger brother number 2.

There were a lot of people present even though it was a school/work day. They seemed to enjoy the show. As I write this, behind schedule these Kindergartners are now next years crop of First Graders as school ended yesterday.

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