Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pre-School Graduation, North Carolina Style

The Graduation followed a show put on by preschool children. It started with all of the participants lining up on the stage. Our star seemed to have a lot of problem with his tongue, it kept roaming all over his face.

Here is a picture of Our Star surrounded by some of his friends and or associates up on stage.

As a group they recited or sang various lines and songs, some of which required coordinated movements.

Some movements were more coordinated than others. As a grandfather, I was impressed. They moved and sang almost as good as the kindergartners I watched a week earlier.

It would appear that leaving the stage required the same tongue movements as mounting the stage.

Here they are in their gowns ready to receive their certificates. They were divided into their classroom groups. This is the group Our Star was in.

Here he is posing with his teacher. When this year started, Our Star did not want to go as his teacher from the previous year was not returning. He figured if she wasn't going to be there neither was he. He seems to have recovered from that idea as he liked his "new" teacher very much.

Our Star

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