Sunday, June 07, 2009

First Birthday, Airborne Style

The first thing you need is a water slide. Not a Slip n Slide but a real water slide. One that is about 40 feet long, 16 feet wide and stands 20+ feet tall. One that weighs in excess of 500 pounds and exhausts a small crew of men trying to haul it around. One that the renter puts in your truck with a FORK LOADER!

This is it baby. This is Tim The Tool Man Taylor Big! It has not one, but two humongus blowers to keep it up.

The water slide in action. On the left, you climb to the top and slide down the back still on the left. Then you climb up the back on the right and come down the front on the right. One cycle is two climbs and two slides. The sliding area is lubricated like a Slip n Slide by water from sprayers at the top of the slide.

This is the birthday girl opening presents. The first present she opened was a Tub Tug, a boat for the bath tub. No matter what else was opened she went back for the Tub Tug.

Here is another shot of her after the Tub Tug. She would help open a present, look at it, and then return to the Tub Tug.

For a while, this caught her eye. It is part of the wrapping from a present and she was somewhat fascinated by it. She played with it while her Mom continued to unwrap her presents.

Birthday Cakes. The small one for the Birthday Girl and the large one for everyone else. These beautiful cakes were made by the next door neighbor. Birthday Girl loved hers and everyone else loved the big one. Not only did it look really cool, but it also tasted great. Awesome!

You want me to do what with this?

Big brother trying to get his sister to eat the cake.

Are you sure? Usually, people just feed me.

First taste and believe me it took a long time for her to do it. I think she just was to interested in all of the people she just talked and jabbered but didn't dive right in.

She certainly got a lot on her fingers but it took a long time for her to start eating it. Maybe it was a texture thing.

Now we are getting more chocolate on the face. She is getting into it at this point.

A great chocolate face shot.

I know I heard Nana say, "When there is no chocolate left, dump the dessert."

Watermelon Baby

Chocolate Watermelon or Watermelon Chocolate, I think I have hit on something here.

Big brother striking a blow for Pinata goodies. He hit a tremendous whack but was unsuccessful and it later fell to a larger kid who could hit harder.

Here we have some of the smaller kids cleaning up the Pinata goodies.

Later in the evening, I told my daughter to grab up the kids and I would take some pictures of them for their dad.

This ones face was dyed blue from whatever he was eating.

And my statement about pictures was seconds out of my mouth when this one went face first into the coffee table.

So I hung up my camera for that day.

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