Sunday, June 07, 2009

Brother And Sister Shopping

Just sitting in the chair, minding my own business I became away of the game being played.

Big Brother was teaching Little Sister how to shop.

As you can see from the picture, Little Sister, a believer in the Second Amendment, is armed with a cutlass in her grocery basket.

They rotated through the Dining Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Nook and back into the Living Room.

Once each rotation they would stop at the coffee table where Big Brother would help Little Sister shop for an item to put into their shopping cart.

Remember, at this point in time, Little Sister is still doing the Frankenstein walk so she needs to hold onto the cart in order to stay upright for a long time. But together they made multiple laps around their circuit.

To me, the most remarkable part is Big Brother did all of his walking, six or seven laps I was aware of, on his knees over both a wood floor and a ceramic tile floor. A great example of a five year old playing with a one year old. Way to go kids.

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