Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sea World June 2009

Sea World Heroes Salute: Any active duty, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman is entitled to free admission under the Here's to the Heroes program. With my son-in-law in Afghanistan we visited Sea World with Daughter #3 and her two children.

The first show we took in was "Believe." The whale show.

At this point Little Sister is a little nervous because of the very loud music, but we got her clapping.

Here she is still clapping but looking a little more concerned. The amphitheater speakers were set on stun, slightly below paralyze and or kill.

Here is the first whale jumping out of the water. At this time we lost Little Sister. As soon as the whale came out of the water she started to cry, so Nana scooped her up and they left the theater.

A nice picture of two Killer Whales doing their thing.

This is the Grand Poo Bah, Shamu himself. They bring him out to put water on the crowd. He does a very good job. If you have a camera you might want to sit above the demonstrated waterline. The water is also kept really cold for the whales.

A nice looking NASCAR vehicle in Sea World's colors.

The Manta at lift off. I think the Manta is new and has been on-line now for about two weeks. Daughter #3 and Blushing Bride are hanging up there. They are in the top row on the viewers left.

Here is the Manta after they have lifted off, they are in there somewhere.

Another shot of the Manta a moment later. They said the ride was very smooth, unlike the Kraken another older roller coaster at the park.

Here are the survivors after their ride.

Next they, Blushing Bride, Daughter #3 and Big Brother rode the Atlantis. In this picture they are in the stern sitting in the last two seats.

The boat is slowed at the bottom by water. Each boat throws up a lot of spray as it is slowed by the water.

Another shot of them as the boat continues around the loop and over some more ups and downs.

One of my Army trained daughters, Mother of Big Brother and Little Sister.

Big Brother playing with the water cannon in the kids get wet area.

Little Sister found an area where the water made a hill out of the padded floor and kept stepping on it to flatten it out.

Another view from the same play area.

Little Sister trying to give direction to Nana. Fat chance.

The Three Muskateers on another ride.

This one rocks, spins and slides sideways.

They are trying to entertain Little Sister who is to small to get on the rides.

A VW Bug in Sea World colors. I wouldn't mind driving that car myself.

A sale of whales.

It is getting a bit late in the day and some "dude" is showing a bit of a "tude."

Riding the Flamingos was a request from early on. Remember, partners with short legs can not help paddle.

Little Sister looks like a junior Safety Officer in training. That look says, Why are they in that and are their life jackets on properly? Or it may say, Why are they over there and I am over here?

Another Flamingo shot.

And yet another.

A look at some of the Manta from a different angle.

Nana looking after Little Sister whild Big Brother and Mom Flamingo.

Cheez has traded places with the Nana to get his picture taken.

Little Sister takin it all in while she waits for everyone to get on the move for supper. Good Kids, Great Day.

Well at least until we got to the car and found the battery was dead. Gotta Love AAA they saved the day.

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