Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Day At The Jacksonville, FL Zoo

Nana and Cheez went to the Jacksonville Zoo with some of our kids and grandkids. It was very warm, but we all survived. Here are some of the critters observed at the zoo. We all got the admission/train ride admission, a red wrist band.

Inside the zoo is a small water park. It is well run with plenty of friendly staff. The perfect place to cool off the kids and give the grandparents a break. Adults were allowed in with their kids if they so desired. There were probably 25 - 30 kids in the water area, I believe it is limited to about 80 at one time.

The zoo has a train that circles around the outer perimeter. It basically has two stops, front of park and back of park. It was a nice little ride. I believe it costs $4.00 extra but it gets you off your feet for a few minutes and the rides are unlimited.

I thought this flower was strikingly awesome. The little sign next to it said "Orange Bottlebrush Ginger." (Hedychium coccineum, also known as orange gingerlily, scarlet gingerlily, and orange bottlebrush ginger), is a species of flowering ginger. A native of Asia, it grows on the edge of forests and in mountain grasslands. Hedychium coccineumcan prefers partial sunshine, but can tolerate full sun. The flowers can range in colour from red to orange to almost yellow.)

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