Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nana's Workbench Finished

Nana, my Blushing Bride, is a woodworker and hence she needs a workbench. I found a work bench kit in a Sportsman's Guide catalog a few months back but wasn't able to complete it because the garage was the victim of to much stuff. Recently we were able to get that down to "a lot of stuff" so I decided to build the workbench.

Again, Murphy's Law struck. The top of the workbench is basically two sheets of 3/4 inch sheets of plywood glued and screwed together. That piece was in the utility shed and my large dolly has a piece of equipment temporarily mounted on it so I used the small dolly to move the plywood. As I came over a small rise in the yard, the dolly took off downhill and kind of extended me under a load of plywood which I ultimately dropped in the road. As I bent to pick it up, my back said "I don't think so." At that point since we live on a small street I asked Nana what she thought of the idea of leaving the plywood in the road until I could bend over at some later date. Well we managed to get it into the garage but the job was on hold for another week.

This picture is of the first assembly of the table legs. Eventually the legs were assembled and disassembled I think three times. I would get it all together and another "guess what" would show up.

Same assembly, different angle. The back of the table was only disassembled one time. We shortened the length so one end of the table would have an overhang to allow a wood vise to be hung on the extreme right side outside of the legs.

After reassembly, the ends were taken off two more times to shorten them to allow overhang of the table top for using wood clamps.

The top of the work bench was cut to a thirty inch width and squared up all the way around. The top measures 96 inches wide by 30 inches deep.

If you look at the bottom shelf in front of the stool you will notice an indentation cut into the shelf. In a previous life this was a computer table top and that was were the computer operator set. The bottom shelf is the 18 inches removed to make the top of the bench 30 inches wide. This is a very sturdy workbench and the Blushing Bride was well pleased.

A final shot of the bench and wall shelf system over the bench.

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