Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hockey Player's Hockey Practice, November 2009

Immediately upon arrival the dressing starts. The skates have to be firmly attached to the feet. Dressing the skater is the parent's job.

Looking at the skaters on the ice and playing with the grand-daughter is the Nana's job.

The grand-daughter heard the camera or saw the flash so we get a cheesy bink smile at this point.

One skate on, dressing continues.

Mom also checks to see the helmet is properly worn.

Dressed and ready for practice.

Skaters are on the ice, now Mom can spend some time with the human dynamo.

The skater of primary interest for us is wearing a white helmet and the runners on his skates are also white.

The hockey version of soccer's herdball. this is a movement across the ice drill. This is commonly called skating for the uninitiated.

They then skated from one coach to another. First without a puck and then while individually moving a puck.

A close-up of our hero moving along the rink wall.

A coach is giving each skater a puck and sending them off on a mission.

Skaters moving their pucks from station to staion.

The skater and his greatest admirer.

Our hero in his pads getting ready to depart practice.


Nana said...

Great post!

Just Jac said...

Awesome pics, awesome commentary, Awesome kid!!!!! Thanks for the awesome pictures, he was so happy to have you come to one of his games!