Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hockey Player's Little Sister, November 2009

While going through some clothes the grand-daughter discovered an apron. She indicated to Nana that she wanted to wear it and wear it she did. Neither the Mom or the Nana normally wear aprons.

Here a little shopper is coming out of the pantry with a juice box. She is indicating that she would like to have it, so I told her to ask her mother. She did and the answer was " you know your not allowed to have them, they make you throw up". At which point she put it down and moved on to something else without further comment. Just glad I did not say "OK".

Determined little girl, moving with a purpose.

With her buddies, Bunny and Owl.

Pondering something.

She definitely loves her Cheez. She would seek me out in a crowd to pick her up.

She also loves her Nana. Nanas are special.

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Just Jac said...

They actually make her have to make action at the bottom end but either way, I am thankful you didnt give it to her either! Love you, Jacqui