Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hockey Player's Hockey Game November 2009

On the ice with a team-mate.

Referees providing positional guidance and direction.

Ready for the puck to fall.

The puck is in play.

In pursuit of the puck.

Our hero has passed the point of equilibrium and is headed for the ice.

After the puck, our hero reaches for it with his stick.

Of course, he is not the only player after the puck. So is the one on top of him.

Back on his feet and in full pursuit.

Somehow again he is the closest player to the puck; and he is still after it. He keeps a good focus out there.

And he finally got the puck. In this picture, the puck has just left the stick of our hero who gave it a mighty smack.

The bad guys are trying to score against the Penguins' (our team's) goal.

While down, the puck suddenly arrived at our heroes location.

The other side also wants control of the puck.

It is hard to get back up on the ice, it's even harder when someone is on your stick.

A main member of The Hocky Player's Fan Club.

Throughout the game they continually drop like flies. It is amazing the number of thuds you can hear as players hit the ice, in or out of the action.

A fan trying to open the access door to the ice rink to let The Hockey Player out.

Shot 1 of The Hockey Player.

Shot 2 of The Hockey Player.

Check out the sweathead under that helmet. When they come off the ice, those little guys are frazzled.

Local Stick girl.

The Hockey Player and The Nana.

The Hockey Player and The Mom.

Working that stick, she can't wait to join The Hockey Player on the ice.

A shot of The Hockey Player and his cool game shirt.

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