Sunday, December 27, 2009

To make a run you first have to sink uprights to hold the cable run. I used 10' 4x4s treated for ground contact. They are set 3 feet into the ground into a 4 inch diameter hole with a bag of concrete added at the base. They were then allowed to sit for a week to ensure the concrete was well hardened.

The cable is 1/4 inch steel. The cable is attached to the post with a 6X1/2 inch eye bolt through the post. Between the eye bolt and the cable is a large stainless steel turnbuckle. Two steel cable clamps are used to clamp the cable ends. Both ends of the cable run are attached to the uprights with the same arrangement.

Steel cable clamps were installed to limit the travel of the pulley up and down the cable.

A steel pulley is used as a trolley to support the chain which will be attached to the dog's collar.

I started with a 16 foot chain which turned out to be excessive. The chain was shortened to 10 feet which seems to give her plenty of room to move. Time will tell if I need a swivel in the chain. So far the swivels I have found are two lightweight for this dog.

This is an overall view of the run. It is located under the oak trees for shade.

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