Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Adventure Continues With Some Inside Pictures

From left side aft, landing gear and stabilizers down.

Same side from the front.

Right side from aft. Today, I ordered four new BFG LT215/85R16E Commercial T/A All Season tires. The same tires Glenfield installed when the 5ver was new. Coincidentally the same tires are on the dually. I also got 2 pair of 3 ton jack stands for her to sit on while I have the tires installed on the rim. Since my "flight training" has to wait for tires, I am not even about to try and back this 5ver into a tire shop yet!

Left rear corner of crews living space.

From right inside corner of crews living space looking forward towards Crew's Head and Hogan's Alley.

Crew's Mess on the right.

Galley, showing refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave and sink.

Forward left corner of crew's living space.

Crew's living space aft.

Entrance to Head and Hogan's Alley.

Crew's Head.

Forward, port side of Hogan's Alley.

Hogan's Alley, forward, the location of senior crew berthing. The center area headboard is presently being refitted to meet the CO's standards.

Senior crew storage, Hogan's Alley aft, port side.

One of two personal storage spaces for senior crew.

Medicine cabinets and sink area in Crew's head.

The 5ver's home berth, which has yet to be prepared for it to come alongside. When we built the house we had a 50 amp circuit run to the gray box to the right of the garage side door. Today we contracted an electrician to hook-up a 50 amp box for shore power while she is alongside at her home berth. We decided on 50 amps because we already have a dog-bone and it will allow berthing of either 50 amp or 30 amp units.

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