Thursday, September 01, 2011

First RV Cruise, August 2011

After spending a pile of money and making some shakedown cruises around the area we are now hooked up and ready to go.

We are on our way to Ocala North RV Park, in Reddick, FL. Where we will be spending the weekend with an old pal of mine from years back. Him and his wife belong to a rally group called "The Roaming Elks."

Here is the Blushing Bride with our dog, Sailor all setup at the park.

Sailor owns the couch, in the RV or at home.

Our rig is the Titanium in the middle.

This Titanium is not mine. It is for sale in the park.

This is the other side of the "For Sale."

The model number of the "For Sale."

And the back of the "For Sale." The tag on the trailer is a 2007, so I guess it has been sitting here for awhile.

Call this number if interested. It looks good from the outside.

A view in the RV Park.

One of their two club houses.

Some of the "Roaming Elks" on the left with our unit in the back.

A view from our unit towards the road passing the RV Park.

We had a great time with this group so by the end of the weekend, we tossed in our money and became "Roaming Elks" also. We are looking forward to doing it again down the road.

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