Thursday, September 01, 2011

National Zoo, Washington, DC March 2011

Giant Panda, hid way in the back. It was telephoto lens time.

A different form of wildlife often found at the zoo.

Another Giant Panda shot.

A squirrel living off the dole.

Marine One perhaps.

Grandboys having a good time at the zoo.

An Irish gang!

Red Panda


Mallard eating off the bottom.

A small raptor with lunch.

On the Philadelphia Eagle.

There are overhead walkways where simians can walk from one exhibit to another without physically interacting with the public.

A waterfall alongside one of the walkways.

Nana, always checking on her peeps.

A spider made out of hardshell bug bodies.

Showing the effects of tidal waves around the globe.

As the day wears on, some wear out.

Steel plate art.

This piece of art appears to be a rattan elephant

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