Monday, February 13, 2012

Lake Oklawaha RV Park, February 2012

Our first trip in three months. Where the heck is everything stored. I know I put everything right where I could find it. Yeah right!

The Roamin Elks gather. This trip we had four rigs in attendance.

The campground office.

They had a great pool, however February is not so hot for pools.

Lake Oklawaha, the water has been drawn down by the state water management folks. We saw a lot of alligators in the lake and lots of waterfowl.

Some type of eggs dug up and eaten by some other critter.

The trail down to the water.

Our rig, referred to by DW as the Four Season screen room after the temperatures dropped down to 28 degrees during the night.

A shot across the pool of our group.

They have a real nice clubhouse,

With a really nice fireplace in it.

Oak trees were all over the park. At night they seemed to be full of owls. The hooting lasted throughout the night. It was really neat listening to them.

A shot of the far side of the rig.

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