Monday, September 24, 2012

June 2012, Grandchildren Visit From Ft Rucker

Lifeguard Nana on duty!

The backyard pool is up and full of grandchildren. It goes up and down depending on visitors. You can already see they like it. The day was hot but the pool is filled with well water which is quite cool.

Lots of jumping and leaping!

A soft sided pool splashes a lot of water!

S'Mores anyone!

The happy side of S'Mores.

And the ugly side of S'Mores. Those forks get really hot!

Crash tends to get a little antsy when people use his yard. Here it would appear someone left a truck in his entrance door.

When you are a visitor at Nana's and Cheez's it pays to watch your six! Really carefully!

Is his tail on fire? Perhaps Major has struck back.

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