Sunday, September 23, 2012

June 2012, A Pirate Adventure In Annapolis, MD

Another trip from Takoma Park, MD was a Pirate Adventure in Annapolis, MD. On this trip, all of the grandchildren present went along with their respective mothers plus Nana and Cheez!

Pirate Adventures, Annapolis, MD; a mighty fun place to be!

All good fierce piirrrates have their faces painted, that be what makes 'em fierce Matey!

Although it appears this matey perhaps thinks she has been conned, mayhap a tad unsure about these hi-jinks!

This old salt has an anchor on his arm. Wouldn't that anchor take him down into "Davy Jones Locker" if the ship sinks? Me thinks it be 'ard to swim with an anchor on your arm!

She's still thinking it over, but it's beginning to look OK, all the rest of them appear to be getting their face painted.

Delainey tests her eye patch while her brother tests his sword.

Here I think, they wanted some sneers and snarls, Delainey is fully capable of sneers and snarls but she doesn't like to waste them. Her brother on the other hand, is doing his nautical best!

Delainey believes you can't pay attention with an eye patch down when directions are being given. Skylar however, looks like a one eyed cyclops piirrrate!

Here be the Pirate ship, ready to go to sea for a day of adventure and plunder!

On board awaiting orders!

The US Naval Academy in the distance across the pond.

Heading towards pirate destiny, the first mate is giving orders to all the pirate deck apes!

Good pirates like to set with the Momma Lion occasionally when the excitement level rises.

Here we be breaking out the Piirrraaaatttee Flag mateys! Showing our true colors.

Here we be repelling boarders from the small boat for'ard on the starboard side.

All cannons are firing a massive broadside!

The repel boarders drill seems to be working, he is receiving lots of incoming water.

Now the same drill with our "boarder" on the port side to make sure the entire crew gets to fire all of the water cannons.

Closer, closer all cannons firing!

Foiled again! I bet he never does get aboard this well armed and well crewed ship!

The Treasure Chest has been located and is being retrieved from the water!

Another mate checks with his Mom Bodyguard to make sure he is not having "to much" fun!

Sharing in the plunder plucked from the deep!

Neither one of the youngest are still sure about this, so the best we we get is an almost smile for the ship's photographer.

A rousing cheer at the end of a successful Piiirrraaatte voyage, Way to go Mates!

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Just Jac said...

Great blog! You got some great shots from the day. We had such a great time that glad we did the pirate adventure, we made memories that will never be forgotten! XOXO