Sunday, September 23, 2012

June 2012, Mount Vernon, VA

You will notice that I am way behind in posting these summer blogs, it is now near the end of September.

During the month of June, while visiting family in Takoma Park, MD we visited George Washington's home, Mount Vernon.

The Nana with grandson, Ise at the entrance to Mount Vernon.


Daughter Jac with her son, Ise on one of the walkways near the front entrance.


An ox, something seldom seen today!

The backside of Mount Vernon, while this is the most common view the front faces the river on the other side.

A close-up view.

A coach of the type George Washington would have used.


Mother and son posing.

A layout of George Washington's multiple farms.

George Washington's shed for separating wheat from chaff. The wheat was trampled by horses on the upper deck and the wheat grains fell onto the lower deck.

A slave cabin.

There were many other pictures but I selected these as a reminder of this adventure.

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